Bass Lessons and Where to Start.

A Developed System.

Studying with a good bass teacher is essential for the beginning bass player and can also be beneficial to bass players that are more experienced. Sometimes just hearing a different perspective on a common topic or device can inspire motivation and the rejuvenate the creative thought process especially when encountering hiring a wall or suffering from creative block.

Depending on where you are, it can be difficult to find a good in person Bass teacher. Now with the popularity and improvements in platforms like Zoom it’s possible to study from anywhere you have a reliable internet connection.

Over the years of teaching bass players of different ages and stages of development  I have developed a system that enables a student to work on key interests, while incorporating essential bass rudiments and fundamentals at the same time. 

Walking Bass Workshop – The Blues

Learn the fundamental techniques of building swinging bass lines that outline the chord changes using the classic jazz blues progression as a vehicle for your journey. Master blues walking bass lines while learning the underlying jazz harmony and theory.

Developing a Walking Bass Line Vocabulary

  • Walkin the Blues
  • The Jazz Blues progression
  • Analyzing the Form
  • The Two Feel
  • Embellishing The Two Feel
  • Two Feel Rhythmic Devices
  • Dominant 7th Chord
  • Chromatic Approach from Below
  • Chromatic Approach from Above
  • The Walk Up and Walk Down
  • Repeated Notes and Chromaticism
  • Harmonic Anticipation and Playing Over the Bar Line
  • Voice Leading 7th Chords
  • Pedal Points 
  • Tritone Substitution
  • The Turnaround
  • Putting It All Together
  • Bebop Major Blues Chord Progression
  • Bebop Blues Putting It All Together

Walking Bass Workshop – Rhythm Changes 

Take your knowledge of walking bass lines a step further following on from Walking Bass Workshop Pt I – The Blues by learning the classic jazz standard Rhythm Changes. Rhythm Changes, like the Blues is an important part of the jazz repertoire.

Study anywhere in the world with online bass lessons. Contact me for more information.

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