Constructing Walking Jazz Bass Lines

Walking Bass Workshop - Standard Lines

Walking bass lesson video includes Bass Tab. Learn to construct walking bass lines using the chord scale relationships method. Video is an example taken from Constructing Walking Jazz Bass Lines Book III Standard Lines. 

Master the Art of Jazz Walking Bass lines with jazz bass books and lessons structured to suit your goals.

Blues in 12 keys mp3 playalong download                                                                Constructing-Walking-Jazz-Bass-Lines-Book-I-The-Blues-in-12-keys


 “Constructing Walking Jazz Bass Lines” the book series is available in bass clef and bass tab.

      The walking bass lines series includes Constructing Walking Jazz Bass Lines Book I – The Blues in 12 keys, Book II – Rhythm changes in 12 keys, Book III – Standard Lines and Book IV & V Building a 12 key facility for the Jazz Bassist Pt I & II.

      Learn how to play authentic walking bass lines on Rhythm changes, the jazz blues progression and jazz standards. 

      Topics covered in the walking bass lesson series include voice leading, tritone substitution, using modes when constructing walking bass lines, bebop bass lines, pedal points, harmonic anticipation, the major ii V I progression, the minor ii V I progression, and many more. All these topics are combined with fundamental technique building exercises. Designed to make the viewer a well rounded musician.

      The jazz walking bass video lessons are for players of all ages, beginner to advanced.



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