Bass Conversations Episode 0004

New Release – Walking Bass Courses from

Walkin’ The Blues – Amazing what a few well structured bass lessons can do.

Contents includes

1. The Jazz Blues Progression
2. Analyzing the Form ( diatonic triads )
3. Constructing Lines Two Feel Root fifth octave 4. Constructing Lines Two Feel Triads
5. Constructing Lines Two Feel Rhythmic devices 6. Dominant 7th chord
7. Chromatic approach from below
8. Chromatic approach from above
9. Chromaticism and the walk up
and the walk down
10. Repeated notes and chromaticism
11. Harmonic Anticipation and
playing across the bar line
12. Voice leading 7th chords
13. Pedal points
14. Tri-Tone substitution
15. The Turnaround
16. Putting It All Together
17. Bebop Blues

All lessons include audio samples as well as full notation including bass clef and bass tab.

Walking Bass Workshop
Walking Bass Workshop Courses for upright and electric bass.

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