Bass Conversations Episode 0003 Walking Bass lines, Listening to the Masters

Bass Conversations episode 0002

Bass Conversations Episode 0003

Constructing Walking bass lines using simple devices such as the root & 5th, triads & 7th chords.

Listening to the Masters

The Jazz Bucket List continues


New Release – Walking Bass Lines for Guitar – The Blues in 12 keys Book I

walking bass for guitar

Book 1 – Walking Bass Lines for Guitar – The Blues in 12 keys

The Blues in 12 Keys – Walking Bass Lines for Guitar Book I

The Blues in 12 Keys is a complete guide for the guitarist demonstrating the devices
used to play walking bass lines and chords in solo or accompaniment settings.
Bebop Blues progression, Minor Blues & Blues with a Bridge, 3 note shell voicings, Chord inversions, Chromatic approach notes, Voice leading, Triads, 7th chords, Harmonic anticipation, Pedal points, Turnarounds, Tri tone substitution.

Part 1. Demonstrates the various techniques used to provide forward motion into bass lines and outlines comping patterns to build a fluid walking bass style for all musical situations.
The exercises build in a stepwise manner and are designed to give the guitarist a solid foundation in the walking bass style incorporating 3 note shell voicings.

Part 2. Expands on the lessons and techniques used in Part 1 providing the guitarist with 60 choruses of examples written out in all 12 keys covering the Jazz & Bebop blues progressions.

Part 3. Blues with a Bridge in 12 keys – Classic blues form of AABA 3 choruses of Blues with a Rhythm Changes bridge. Completely notated with walking bass lines and shell voicings.

Part 4. Minor Blues in 12 keys – includes 24 choruses of notated examples of Minor Blues walking bass lines and shell voicings.

All examples are shown in Guitar Tab and Standard notation.

Includes MP3 playalong .

Jazz Bass Book and Lesson Promo.

Introduction to walking bass lines

Constructing Walking Jazz Bass Lines Book and Lesson promotion. Buy any five books from our collection of walking bass books and receive 5 free bass lessons. Constructing Walking Jazz Bass Lines Book and lesson deal. From now until January 1st 2019 we are running a jazz bass promotion. Book I The Blues in 12 keys. … Read more

Jazz Blues in 12 keys

Jazz Walking Bass Books Reviews

The Jazz Blues in 12 keys – A couple of weeks ago I started a blog post on Facebook titled A day in the life. The post focuses on what I’m practicing at the moment. As I often do, Ive gone back to practicing the blues in 12 keys. It really is a great way … Read more

The Jazz Bass Blog – Just getting started

What was going to be a routine update to our website ended up being much more. Oh well it was time to upgrade anyway.  Over the coming weeks we will be expanding our new site which will be in more of a blog format. There will still be the Jazz bass resources : walking bass … Read more

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