Flat back upright bass restoration project on carved upright bass

Broken Neck repair, New bass bar, new ebony fingerboard, new x bracing on back,

This was a big project from start to finish but the results were well worth the effort.

I also made and fitted a fingered C extension to this bass.

Checking positioning of the braces
Marking out for new bracing Pt2
Marking out for new bracing
Thats a lot of clamps, Upright bass flat back bracing
Gluing in the bracing on fallback bass
Glueing in the x bracing on flat back bass
X bracing flat back bass
Making the x braces
Chalk fitting the bass bar
The start of the project, top off with Coltrane looking things over.
Gluing in cleats on flat back bass
Removing the old bracing
upright bass restoration. Carved fallback bass
Complete x bracing back glues to ribs on flat back bass restoration