The Jazz Bass Blog – Just getting started

What was going to be a routine update to our website ended up being much more. Oh well it was time to upgrade anyway.  Over the coming weeks we will be expanding our new site which will be in more of a blog format.

There will still be the Jazz bass resources : walking bass lines, jazz bass books, bass tabs, jazz bass lesson videos. etc.

We are also expanding on the bookstore and there will be alot of books on music available all at discounted prices.

Examples include Jazz harmony and piano books, electric bass tabs, jazz bass books, guitar books, transcription books and of course the will be my books “Constructing Walking Jazz Bass Lines”.

Stay tuned

Updates, a lot has changed over the last week or so with many more updates to come. Be sure to check out the great blog articles updating constantly. Walking Bass Line Masters and Jazz Album Bucket list have many artists well worth a listen.

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