Easy walking bass lines for beginners bass tab.


Easy walking bass line  – The Jazz blues in F

The next example shows the Jazz Blues progression.  This chord progression is popular when playing in a jazz setting.


Easy walking bass line techniques jazz blues bass tab

The Jazz Blues Progression in F . Simple walking bass line in F bass tab

Easy walking bass line example The Blues in F 


For more bass tab,  bass line examples  check out the bass tab page. The examples shown in this article  are from  Constructing Walking Jazz Bass Lines  Book I The Blues in 12 keys https://constructingwalkingjazzbasslines.com/bass-tab-jazz-blues-chords-arpeggios/


The 4 feel walking bass technique 

Easy walking bass lines jazz blues in F 4 Feel bass tab

The Blues in F 4 Feel simple walking bass line

Easy walking bass line The 4 feel over jazz blues in F

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