Jazz bass tab - the blues in 12 keys

Easy jazz walking bass line on the blues

Heres an easy walking bass line for beginners over the blues. When learning to build walking bass lines its a good idea to have a couple of simple bass line techniques under your fingers.   The walking bass line examples will be shown in bass tab and standard notation.

Simple Bass Line techniques..

The first example is built using the root and the fifth, or the first and fifth note of the scale. We are going to be using the Blues in F as our example.  It will also outline another simple walking bass line technique, ” the 2 feel “.

Combining the two feel and the root and 5th techniques makes building a beginner walking bass line easy.  Although the bass line is easy to play more importantly is that it outlines the harmony very well.  This type of line could be played on the head of the tune or behind a vocalist. 

Easy walking bass lines bass tab

Easy walking bass line techniques the blues in F two feel Bass Tab

Easy walking bass line techniques  The Blues in F  two feel.

Easy walking bass line  – The Jazz blues in F

The next example shows the Jazz Blues progression.  This chord progression is popular when playing in a jazz setting.

Easy walking bass line techniques jazz blues bass tab

The Jazz Blues Progression in F . Simple walking bass line in F bass tab

Easy walking bass line example The Blues in F 


For more bass tab,  bass line examples  check out the bass tab page. The examples shown in this article  are from  Constructing Walking Jazz Bass Lines  Book I The Blues in 12 keys https://constructingwalkingjazzbasslines.com/bass-tab-jazz-blues-chords-arpeggios/

The 4 feel walking bass technique 

Easy walking bass lines jazz blues in F 4 Feel bass tab
The Blues in F 4 Feel simple walking bass line
Easy walking bass line The 4 feel over jazz blues in F