Walking Bass Lines Lesson 2 – The Importance Of Analyzing The Form

The Importance Of Analyzing The Form. Learn how to analyze the form. Recognize chord progressions and how chords are functioning using triads and the Jazz Blues progression as a vehicle.
For example I vi ii V, iii vi ii V etc.

Being able to analyze the form and determine how chords are functioning is a tool that can help the bassist make informed choices about scales and arpeggios when walking bass lines.
Having an understanding of diatonic harmony enables the bassist to recognize chord sequences as not just a series of ” unrelated ” chords.

Playing along to the transcription is an excellent way to practice your reading skills and train your ear and progress from reading tab to reading standard notation.

When you’ve finished practicing the lesson, test your knowledge of the lesson material by doing the worksheet provided. Highly recommended.

Suitable for players of all levels.

Materials included in lesson 2

Link to lesson video – The Importance of Analyzing the Form (6.29min)

Downloadable PDF of Transcribed bass line for your music stand

Downloadable PDF of Worksheet to test your knowledge and find out what you need to work on.

This lesson is an excerpt from the Walking Bass Workshop Series – Part 1 The Blues.

You can get the entire course here, or just pick out lesson topics that interest you, one by one.

My suggestion is to work through the lessons in a stepwise manner, building on the knowledge and confidence acquired in the previous lesson.

MAWB Lesson 2 The importance of analyzing the form
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