Walking Bass for Guitar – The Blues …. Walking Bass Workshop Series. New Release…

Walking Bass for Guitar – The Blues ….

Walking Bass For Guitar …. The new workshop from Walking Bass Workshop

Walking Bass for Guitar is the latest course from the Walking Bass Workshop Series.

Learn to walk bass lines and play shell voicing for solo guitar using the classic jazz standard The Blues.

All examples show standard notation as well as guitar tab.

Visit the course page and check out the lesson material.

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Free Copy of the Book Walking Bass Lines for Guitar The Blues in 12 Keys

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walking bass for guitar
Walking Bass Lines for Guitar – The Blues in 12 keys Book I

Walking Bass Workshop Pt II – Rhythm Changes

New Release : Rhythm changes like the Blues is an essential part of the jazz bassists repertoire. Learn this classic standard chord progression with written out partisan standard notation and bass tab. All examples have been recorded as playa longs.

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  • Walking Bass Workshop Pt II – Rhythm Changes PromoFREE PREVIEW
  • Lesson 1 Rhythm changes – The AABA formFREE PREVIEW
  • Lesson 2 The AABA Structure in Digital Form 
  • Lesson 3 Diatonic 7ths in the key of Bb major
  • Lesson 4 – The 2 Feel
  • Lesson 5 Embellishing the 2 feel
  • Lesson 6 The Dominant 7th chord 7 voice leading 
  • Lesson 7 Applying the Dominant 7th chord voice leading technique
  • Lesson 8 The chromatic approach from below
  • Lesson 9 The chromatic approach from above
  • Lesson 10 Chromaticism…. The Walk Down & Walk Up
  • Lesson 11 Repeated notes & chromaticism
  • Lesson 12 Harmonic anticipation & playing across the bar
  • Lesson 13 Voice leading 7th chords
  • Lesson 14 Pedal Points
  • Lesson 15 Tritone substitution
  • Lesson 16 The turnaround
  • Lesson 17 Turnarounds & the AABA Form
  • Lesson 18 Rhythm Changes A Sections Ex1
  • Lesson 18 Rhythm changes A Sections Ex.2FREE PREVIEW
  • Lesson 18 Rhythm Changes A Sections Ex.3
  • Lesson 18 Rhythm Changes A Sections Ex.4
  • Lesson 18 Rhythm Changes Ex.5
  • Lesson 18 Rhythm changes A Sections Ex.6
  • Lesson 18 Rhythm Changes Ex.7
  • Lesson 18 Rhythm Changes Ex.8
  • Lesson 19 Rhythm Changes Bridge – Secondary Dominant Chords
  • Lesson 20 Rhythm Changes – The Bridge Chord Substitutions
  • Lesson 21 Putting it all Together

Also available on Udemy. Coupon offer $11.99 JULY16 expires July 16


Bass Conversations Episode 0004

New Release – Walking Bass Courses from Constructingwalkingjazzbasslines.com

Walkin’ The Blues – Amazing what a few well structured bass lessons can do.


Contents includes

1. The Jazz Blues Progression
2. Analyzing the Form ( diatonic triads )
3. Constructing Lines Two Feel Root fifth octave 4. Constructing Lines Two Feel Triads
5. Constructing Lines Two Feel Rhythmic devices 6. Dominant 7th chord
7. Chromatic approach from below
8. Chromatic approach from above
9. Chromaticism and the walk up
and the walk down
10. Repeated notes and chromaticism
11. Harmonic Anticipation and
playing across the bar line
12. Voice leading 7th chords
13. Pedal points
14. Tri-Tone substitution
15. The Turnaround
16. Putting It All Together
17. Bebop Blues

All lessons include audio samples as well as full notation including bass clef and bass tab.

Walking Bass Workshop
Walking Bass Workshop Courses for upright and electric bass.

Bass Conversations Episode 0003 Walking Bass lines, Listening to the Masters

Bass Conversations episode 0002


Bass Conversations Episode 0003

Constructing Walking bass lines using simple devices such as the root & 5th, triads & 7th chords.

Listening to the Masters

The Jazz Bucket List continues


Bass Conversations Episode 0002 Transcribing, how to construct walking bass lines, the jazz album bucket list

Bass Conversations episode 0002

Steven Mooney from Constructing Walking Jazz Bass Lines talks about the importance of
* transcribing and how to do your own transcriptions. 
* the importance of having your own sound and identity as a musician.



Bass Conversations Intro Episode 0001

Bass Conversations episode 0002

Bass Conversations with Jazz Bassist Steven Mooney of Constructing Walking Jazz Bass Lines
Music related sessions for players of all ages and levels.

Introduction Episode includes topics – Developing  a strategy to make progress, Hitting the wall, Organizing your practice time. Developing a check list. 

Includes links to topics discussed in the podcast.