Jazz Blues in 12 keys

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The blues in 12 keys Constructing Walking Jazz Bass Lines book I

The Jazz Blues in 12 keys – A couple of weeks ago I started a blog post on Facebook titled A day in the life. The post focuses on what I’m practicing at the moment.

As I often do, Ive gone back to practicing the blues in 12 keys. It really is a great way to practice and I recommend it to all my students.

Generally I play the Jazz blues cycle around the cycle of 4ths. Depending on how much time I have, I may work on one or two keys per day. Alternately I go  through the 12 keys modulating after every second or third chorus.

Playing the blues in the first  and open position is a great exercise for upright bass players, enabling them to build up dexterity in the hands.

As well as working through intonation issues.

Generally I start out with the standard jazz blues progression and then start adding in tritone substitutes and or diminished substitutes.

Once I’m settled in I then work on some other chord progressions often played on the blues,  e.g. bebop, or bird blues as well as the Coltrane changes.

Then theres the minor blues which is a favorite of mine.

To download some play along backing tracks to practice the blues in 12 keys, join our bass forum and download them free.

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