Flat back upright bass restoration project on carved upright bass

Flat back upright bass restoration project on carved upright bass

Broken Neck repair, New bass bar, new ebony fingerboard, new x bracing on back,

This was a big project from start to finish but the results were well worth the effort.

I also made and fitted a fingered C extension to this bass.

Checking positioning of the braces
Marking out for new bracing Pt2
Marking out for new bracing
Thats a lot of clamps, Upright bass flat back bracing
Gluing in the bracing on fallback bass
Glueing in the x bracing on flat back bass
X bracing flat back bass
Making the x braces
Chalk fitting the bass bar
The start of the project, top off with Coltrane looking things over.
Gluing in cleats on flat back bass
Removing the old bracing
upright bass restoration. Carved fallback bass
Complete x bracing back glues to ribs on flat back bass restoration


Jazz Albums Bucket list

Jazz Albums Bucket List John Coltrane Giant Steps. A land mark recording

Jazz Bucket list.

Jazz Albums Bucket list or albums highly recommended for listening . Heres a list of some of my favorite jazz recordings as you read through the list you’ll notice a pattern. I like a lot of hard bop jazz and groups influenced by that era. The list will be updated as I hear something new or remember something that I forgot to put down. The list is not necessarily in order of preference, more so how I remember them. Theres a lot of great albums to listen to, and a lot more to be learnt from the masters appearing on them.  Buying a record is like getting a lesson from John Coltrane, Steve Grossman  or Jackie Mclean for $10 bucks. Who wouldn’t want to do that.

Giant Steps – John Coltrane. This is the album that changed my life and I will be forever grateful for hearing it.  While it is not the album I listen to mostly these days I would have to put it at number one without question.

Coltranes Sound – John Coltrane.  Another classic album. Coltrane reharmonizes a lot on this album using the Coltrane matrix or giant steps changes on tunes like body and soul, and contracts of how high the moon, and confirmation.  Coltrane will come up on this list a lot. Ive made the following statement many times before, but ill say it again if you missed it. “if Coltrane, Jackie Mclean or Steve Grossman are on it, you can’t go wrong.”

Blue Minor – Sonny Clarke. This is a classic hard bop recording with Jackie Mclean and Art Farmer Philly Joe Jones and Paul Chambers. Great arrangements and original compositions and of course there swinging hard.

Consequences – Jackie Mclean. Jackie Mclean and Lee Morgan are right on the money on this date. The combination of Jackie and Lee during this period of the 1960’s is hard to beat. Exceptional compositions and great sidemen Harold Mabern Herbie Lewis Billy Higgins.  Herbie Lewis, now theres a name worth checking out. Many bass players don’t know that name but he was on some of the finest albums recorded by Jackie McLean for the Blue Note label. He plays good lines, swings and has a great sound. so he’s pretty much got it all. But then Jackie hired him, that says it all.

Swing Swang Swingin – Jackie Mclean . This another great Jackie Mclean album, more straight ahead with who would become the trademark of the classic Coltrane era albums,  Mr Jimmy Garrison on bass.

Steve Grossman Live at Cafe Praga – Steve Grossman.  This is a great album, recorded live in Italy. Steve Grossman is my favorite jazz artist. Its hard to beat Coltrane or Jackie but after seeing him live a number of times in New York and Europe theres something about his sound and the way he plays. Grossman is the real deal, theres no doubt about it. Miles hired him to replace Wayne Shorter in the band while still a teenager, he then went on to play with Elvin Jones.  Steve had some pretty big shoes to fill and he stepped up every time.

 My Second Prime – Steve Grossman.  This is a great album for the Red Records label. Check out the track extemporaneous. This is Steve Grossman doing what he does best.

A Night at the Village Vanguard – Sonny Rollins.   Sonny Rollins, Wilbur Ware and Elvin Jones.  it doesn’t get much better than that.  Also has a couple of tracks with Pete la Roca playing drums.

More to come….

Time to Smile – Steve Grossman.  This is another top album from Steve Grossman with Elvin Jones Larry Willis Cecil McBee and Tom Harrell.  Great to hear Steve with a top notch rhythm section.  Great tune selection and swingin.

Let Freedom Ring – Jackie Mclean. Jackie Mclean at the top of his form, the band is stretching out on this one. This was the first Jackie Mclean date I listened to. Needless to say it turned my head inside out. His sound is something else, and the way he puts his lines together, man it really doesn’t get much better. Check out the track Omega or the hard swinging Rene.  Hats off to Herbie Lewis once again.

Jazz bass books are now in stock.

Jazz Walking Bass Books

All Jazz Walking Bass Books books are now available from our website. Thank you for your patience while we update.

More updates coming in the future.  All play along backing tracks will be moving as well. They will be available for a free download.

 There will also be some other ear training exercises as well as some piano voicing exercises coming soon.  keep checking back for more updates





Jazz Blues in 12 keys

Jazz Walking Bass Books
Jazz walking bass lines for upright and electric bass
The blues in 12 keys Constructing Walking Jazz Bass Lines book I

The Jazz Blues in 12 keys – A couple of weeks ago I started a blog post on Facebook titled A day in the life. The post focuses on what I’m practicing at the moment.

As I often do, Ive gone back to practicing the blues in 12 keys. It really is a great way to practice and I recommend it to all my students.

Generally I play the Jazz blues cycle around the cycle of 4ths. Depending on how much time I have, I may work on one or two keys per day. Alternately I go  through the 12 keys modulating after every second or third chorus.

Playing the blues in the first  and open position is a great exercise for upright bass players, enabling them to build up dexterity in the hands.

As well as working through intonation issues.

Generally I start out with the standard jazz blues progression and then start adding in tritone substitutes and or diminished substitutes.

Once I’m settled in I then work on some other chord progressions often played on the blues,  e.g. bebop, or bird blues as well as the Coltrane changes.

Then theres the minor blues which is a favorite of mine.

To download some play along backing tracks to practice the blues in 12 keys, join our bass forum and download them free.

Use the following link, membership is free.


The Jazz Bass Blog – Just getting started

What was going to be a routine update to our website ended up being much more. Oh well it was time to upgrade anyway.  Over the coming weeks we will be expanding our new site which will be in more of a blog format.

There will still be the Jazz bass resources : walking bass lines, jazz bass books, bass tabs, jazz bass lesson videos. etc.

We are also expanding on the bookstore and there will be alot of books on music available all at discounted prices.

Examples include Jazz harmony and piano books, electric bass tabs, jazz bass books, guitar books, transcription books and of course the will be my books “Constructing Walking Jazz Bass Lines”.

Stay tuned

Updates, a lot has changed over the last week or so with many more updates to come. Be sure to check out the great blog articles updating constantly. Walking Bass Line Masters and Jazz Album Bucket list have many artists well worth a listen.