Jazz bass lesson videos  - Upright bass , electric bass , bass clef and bass tab

Jazz bass lesson videos from the Constructing Walking Jazz Bass Lines series for the double bass and electric bassist.

Videos are available in bass clef and bass tab.

All videos are designed to assist in learning to sight read jazz bass lines and to familiarize the bass player with some of the more common jazz bass rhythms.


Blues bass guitar - bass  tab instruction video lesson I

Bass guitar lesson- Blues bass line - bass  tab instruction video lesson II

Jazz bass guitar - bass  tab lesson video - walking bass line-  Rhythm changes in A

Jazz Bass Guitar - Bass Tab Lesson Video - Walking bass lines -  The Blues in C         


Jazz bass lesson video  - Jazz bass lines   -   jazz standard bass lines and applying the modes

Jazz Bass Line Lesson video - Walking bass lines - Rhythm changes in A   Upright bass, double bass, bass guitar                         

Jazz Bass Lines Lesson video - walking bass lines  The Blues in G      Upright bass, double bass, bass guitar                   

Online bass lessons - study online worldwide - Rhythm changes in Bb - the walk down

Online bass lessons - Study online worldwide  - Rhythm changes in Bb  chromatic approach from below

You tube channel videos - jazz bass lines in 12 keys

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